Jamie Beauchesne
Ski: 67" Prophecy
Binding: Stealth with a slight "duck stance"
Rope/handle: Proline elliptical handles 13''
Boat speed: 36mph/58klm
Personal best practice: 2@43offevent/practice
Personal best at a tourney: 2@43offevent/practice


Favorite website:
The last App I downloaded for my phone: I rock a Trac Fone, the Net 10 variety
Texting is: less expensive than talking
I hang out with: people who wear Carhardt clothes
I ski with: Pete and Sharon
I listen to: everything...rockin the Black Keys, when the lights go out... right now!
The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is: Wake up with Coffee, Mad River or Monte Alto. (Local flavors)
I drive a: truck! Moved out of the van when I bought a house 4 years ago.
The best place to each lunch is: Holderness General Store
The best place to ski is: Rocky Pond, Canterbury NH. Snow... Alta backcountry and Canada
My favorite TV show is: don’t have one but like the WEEDS show!