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JB Faisy
Ski: Carbon V 67"
Binding:  Reflex hard boot, rear toe plate
Rope/handle: Proline, 12 and 1
Boat speed: 36
Personal best practice: 1@43
Personal best at a tourney: 4,5@41


Favorite website:
The last App I downloaded for my phone: Guide Hachette (How to choose a good French wine!)
Texting is: something to keep me busy with my fingers
I hang out with: Leforestier Nicolas
I ski with: Descuns sacha, Leforestier Nicolas and my coach Vincent Soubiron
When I am not skiing I like to: cut the grass in my garden, spend time with my family
I listen to: IZ and Vanessa Paradis
The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is: switch off the alarm clock and drink a large coffee
I drive a: Peugeot (old French car…)
The best place to each lunch is: Burger King!!
The best place to ski is: Soubiron Ski school in Toulouse
My favorite TV show is: Soccer and rugby match