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Sacha Descuns
Ski Connelly: Carbon V 67”
Binding: Connelly Talon
Rope/handle: ML 1.602
Boat speed: 36mph
Personal best practice: 1@43
Personal best at a tourney: 3@41


Favorite website: youtube
The last App I downloaded for my phone: don’t have a phone!
Texting is: still don’t have a phone!
I hang out with: Thomas Niola, JB Faisy
I ski with: Vincent SOUBIRON
When I am not skiing I like to: snow ski, snowboard, rally drive, go out with friends…
I listen to: Everything
The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is: going to the toilet
I drive a: Volkswagen golf gti mk1
The best place to each lunch is: Home
The best place to ski is: Seysses, FRANCE, it s Vincent Soubiron’s lake
My favorite TV show is: CSI