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Santiago Varas
Ski: 65” Prophecy
Binding: Talon
Rope/handle: Prophecy Handle/Proline Rope
Boat speed: 36mph
Personal best practice: 4 @ 35’ off
Personal best at a tourney: 1 @ 35’ off


Favorite website:
The last App I downloaded for my phone: Face Fighter
Texting is: Useful when needed
I hang out with: People with a sense of humor
I ski with: Family
When I am not skiing I like to: Workout, Snow Ski, Longboard
I listen to: anything popular with a catchy tune
The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is: go #1
I drive a: bike
The best place to each lunch is: Red Robin
The best place to ski is: Anywhere flat
My favorite TV show is: Modern Family